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Welcome to the Sierra Club!

You have joined the nation's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.  What makes the Sierra Club different than most member organizations is you. With most member organizations you pay your dues and then receive literature once a month or so and that’s it. The Sierra Club is built entirely on your involvement. The Sierra Club is also unique because it is involved in the political process, helping to get pro-environmental candidates elected. No matter how involved you would like to be or what your niche is, you can help make your community a cleaner, safer and more environmentally balanced place to live.  Outings, conservation, politics, legislation, and education are just a few of the areas you can be involved in. You can also be involved with local, state and national issues, and have access to many online resources to aid in your goals.
As a member you will receive the national magazine, Sierra, you will also receive the Hoosier Chapter newsletter, the Indiana Sierran, and (if you live in an area with a local Sierra Club group you may sign up for its local information. Local groups are the Sierra Club folks near you that are organizing and working on environmental issues in your area.

The Green Life Blog is a good resource to start with. You can sign up for daily tips on how to live your life a little greener as well as getting information on green films and literature. You will also want to look at the national Sierra Club website where you can find information on Sierra Club campaigns and see the  online resources available in the Inside the Sierra Club link. You will also be able to lookup Sierra Club conservation policies. Please also look around this Hoosier Chapter website. Here you will be able get more detailed information on local groups and state campaigns along with a list of your officers and contacts.

We thank you again for your interest in the Sierra Club and we look forward to working with you to help make Indiana a safer and cleaner place to live.

Below are additional links that may be of interest. Be in touch with us and let us answer any questions you may have - and let us know how you would like to be involved.
Your fellow Sierra Club members




Definition of Terms

Chapter: A chapter is an entity of the national Sierra Club, usually covering an entire state, such as the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter.

Group: A group is an entity of a chapter, such as the Winding Waters group, which is the Sierra Club presence in the greater Columbus, Indiana area and encompasses several counties. A group is often involved in local conservation issues, hikes, and other activities.

Campaign: A campaign is an entity of the Sierra Club which is focused primarily on an issue area, such as the Beyond Coal Campaign, which works to move us toward a clean energy future. The Beyond Coal Campaign has a strong presence in Indiana and works closely with the chapter to end our reliance on coal burning power plants, a major source of pollution and climate change.

Member: A current member of the Sierra Club is one who is up to date of membership dues. Many of our supporters are members, activists as well as donors. Of course, our preference is that you join, become an activist as well as a donor to the chapter. To join or renew, you can start here.

Donor: A donor of course if one who supports us financially. You may be solicited by different entities of the Sierra Club, but hopefully our periodic pleas for funds will not become bothersome. As indicated above, a donor is not necessarily a member (joining is a separate action). There are even various ways of donating to the Hoosier Chapter. Here is a guide.